Date: 19/11/2019


(from the architects ‘ISTHMUS’ for the Onehunga Foreshore)
A true ‘landscape’ project, Onehunga foreshore project is about creating land and habitat and has three simple objectives: recreate the harbour edge, re-establish the mana of the coast by creating new places for people and new habitats for flora and fauna, and reconnect people with the sea by spanning the wide expanse of the motorway.

MHRS and TOES (The Onehunga Enhancement Society), have embarked on a new campaign, to see the Onehunga Foreshore Restoration completed.  This started in November 2015 with the six times award winning Taumanu Reserve, beaches, park & cycle-way and will be completed when Taumanu Reserve is linked to the Port of Onehunga.  This will fulfill promises made in the 1970’s for compensation for the losses incurred by Onehunga when State Highway 20 was built.

To see this restoration completed MHRS and TOES need your help.  We need to put a private plan change in to Auckland Council to remove a designation in the Unitary Plan that is stopping the restoration from being completed.  If we fail in this objective then Auckland Council can say that the people of Onehunga and the wider Manukau Harbour simply didn’t want the foreshore restored -  end of discussion!  We won’t get Taumanu finished round to the Port; no walkway/cycleway and we won’t get a safe anchorage, and that will be a disaster.  Please look at the photo album that follows for an eye opener on what the Council has designated as an Outstanding Natural Feature (ONF) of the Manukau Harbour and Onehunga Foreshore.

Your generosity will help show Auckland Council that the people of Onehunga and surrounding suburbs support this.  It does not matter how small the amount you donate, what we need is to show that we have the community backing.  If 3,000 people donate just $10 we will reach the $30,000 required to lodge the private plan change.  If 3000 people donate, this is a clear indicator to Auckland Council that this is desired by our community.

UPDATE: Thank you everyone, today we passed the first $1000 milestone on our way to achieving our goal. A big thank you to you all for getting us this far. Please continue your efforts to promote this cause. Onehunga is long overdue this restoration, and we need it all the more so that Auckland Council takes notice that the Manukau is a treasure not a dumping ground.

Please help now by donating to our give-a-little page at
Don’t give Auckland Council the excuse to do nothing. 

Thank you from MHRS and TOES