MHRS Joins Central Isthmus Coalition on Stormwater Planning CANOPy

Date: 29/06/2017

MHRS has joined a coalition of central isthmus community groups seeking to have input into the long-term storm and wastewater planning being undertaken jointly by Watercare and Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters department. The project, called CANOPy, is planning for integration of the Central Interceptor into the waste and stormwater systems, provision of adequate infrastructure for growth and aims to reduce overflows of storm and wastewater into creeks and harbours. It is anticipated significant capital spending to upgrade the systems will be included in next year’s Long Term Plan update. 
MHRS’ objectives include reducing overflows into the Manukau Harbour and reducing the flows, especially of stormwater, directed to the Mangere Treatment Plant for eventual discharge into the Manukau Harbour. We wish to see the water quality of both the Manukau and Waitemata harbours improved.
The coalition seeks early engagement with Watercare and Healthy Waters to ensure the community’s objectives and concerns are incorporated into the options and recommendations prior to decisionmaking. It is important for all of us that the project’s recommendations address key community concerns and are widely supported by the community.
Documents explaining the project can be found on our website HERE