Invasive Species

Date: 11/03/2016

Proliferation of pacific oyster shells and banks since they were introduced 40 years ago is damaging our Manukau Harbour beaches.

The sharp shells cut feet and bodies of people and pets and damage boats, making beaches and channels unusable:

MHRS has put submissions to Council to allow the removing of ‘oyster reefs’ not just removing the dead shells. 

Read the submission: MANGROVE & PACIFIC OYSTER SHELL REMOVAL - MHRS Unitary Plan Submission - May2013



The sharp shells of the introduced Pacific Oyster are creating dangerous conditions for people and pets on some of our inner harbour beaches. MHRS is seeking an efficient way to crush these shells and rid our beaches of the problem. We are working with AUT School of Mechanical Engineering Senior Lecturer Alan Jowitt to develop a prototype machine and hope to be trialing the prototype machine over the next few months.

Article on the use of crushed oyster shell in New Zealand  HERE


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