Water Quality & Discharges

Date: 11/03/2016


Watercare is building a 13km underground tunnel (the Central Interceptor), which will bring up to 2 million cubic metres of sewage and stormwater from Central Auckland to the Mangere treatment plant each year. With the expanding growth of urban housing around the South West of the harbour, will there be a tipping point at which the Harbour will be compromised? Will the huge amounts of treated fresh water impact the habitat of the salt water fish and shellfish and therefore impact the birdlife which fed on these? The discharge from the Mangere Treatment Plant is Auckland's largest freshwater river discharging into a salt water harbour.

South-West Wastewater Project

Urban growth in South West Auckland, around Clarks Beach, Kingseat and Waiuku could mean even more sewage discharged into the Manukau Harbour.

Auckland Council has forecast significant population growth in Auckland over the next three decades and beyond. One of the areas where urban growth is expected to occur is in South-West Auckland, around Clarks Beach, Kingseat and Waiuku. These communities have recently been connected to a new water supply system and have their own wastewater treatment plants.

However, the existing wastewater treatment plants will not be able to provide ongoing services for a growing population, and for this reason Watercare has established the South-West Wastewater Servicing Project. Attached is the first project newsletter to provide you with an overview of the project and what it is seeking to achieve.

It is still ‘early days’ for the project and at the moment there are a great many questions we have as yet no answers for. However, we wanted to let you know about the Project as soon as possible so we can work with you as we develop a feasible solution.

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